Gary Briggs

Personal Details

Home Address: 7855 Naylor Ave
Los Angeles
CA 90045
Phone: +1 (310) 406 7955

Work Experience

Spring 2009 - Present:
RAND Corporation, Research Software Engineer V

  • Current US Government Security Clearance with Single-Scope Background Investigation
  • Software Engineer position supporting many projects and researchers on an ad-hoc basis
  • Overseeing much of RAND's Research Technology
  • Modelling and simulation using Java, Python, SQL, FORTRAN, C++, VB.NET, and others; both building from scratch, and maintaining and running existing models
  • Artifical Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Analytic Tool Development
  • Visualisation and GIS work
  • Web development with Java and PHP
  • Linux system administration
  • Project Leader roles, and architecture lead on a number of strategic systems
  • Contributing to RAND Software Quality Assurance Guidelines

Summer 2002 - Spring 2009:
Codehost, Inc, General Engineer. Multiple positions:

  • Software Engineer [C and C++] for server, desktop and limited-hardware work
  • Database and Server administration. Maintaining a variety of servers including SCM repositories, file and mail servers [Samba, NFS/NIS, Postfix, Amavis], MySQL and Apache
  • Printer driver development [for mostly PostScript devices] and associated tool development
  • Web development [PHP and Perl with MySQL, developing an entire licensing system]
  • Project Management including specification writing and managing external teams
  • Documentation authoring
  • QA

Education and Qualifications

York University: Bachelor of Engineering, Computer Science

US citizenship

Computer Skills

Standard US DoD Models and Simulations:



Java, Python, SQL, C/C++, Lua, Perl, PHP, PostScript, General unix scripting, HTML, FORTRAN

Operating Systems:

Linux (including RHEL, Ubuntu, Fedora), Solaris, IRIX, HPUX, AIX, SCO, FreeBSD, MacOS7-9,X, Windows

Development Tools:

JetBrains Suite, Git, Eclipse, NetBeans, XCode, Gnu Compiler Collection, Bugzilla, Doxygen, CMake, Valgrind


(GUI) Swing, wxWidgets, FLTK, GTK, Qt, (Graphics) OpenGL, SDL, GLUT, aalib


SQLite, GPSD, DBus, Torque Game Engine(3D), Torque Game Builder(2D), Ogre3D, Bullet, ODE, Raknet, OIS, Google Earth

Other Interests and Experience

Open Source Development:

I have actively taken part in development on a number of open-source projects, including being the current maintainer of OBDGPSLogger (, JuggleMaster (, and AAHelper (, as well as making many contributions to IcculusFinger (, Loki Setup ( and others