Some Juggling things I've done in the past

Hairy Rob shows me a simple trick...

Tall Paul shows me a similar trick...

Fire Juggling. Mmmmmmm. I like burning things.

Fire Breathing. Mmmmmmm. I like burning me.

Video clips. Not very many at the moment...

Chainmaille toys. I learnt to make some simple chainmaille stuff, then wrapped some balls in it... They're niiiiice.

Some bags. I'm learning to sew, so I can have some nice bags to hold my crystals that won't scratch them up...

Some Medieval-related pics...

Some random pics...

Other stuff

JuggleMaster Deluxe - Juggling program /a la/ Chunky

Current amusement

For reference, I currently juggle every Thursday night in LA Valley College in Van Nuys. If you're nearby and want to learn how to juggle/already know and want to have a laugh, feel free to drop in:

Mapquest map

Gymnastics Center,
Ethel Avenue off Burbank Boulevard,
L.A. Valley College,
Van Nuys,
CA 91401

From the 405 going north, get off at Burbank Blvd, And turn right [going east].

Turn left onto Ethel and the gym is on your right a couple hundred yards up.

Alternatively, if alcohol is your friend, after juggling finishes at 11, we usually go to to Robin Hood's, which is also on Burbank Blvd, near Woodman. It has a British flag lit up outside. On the left, shortly before Woodman, goin west from LA Valley College.

Gary (-;

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