The PlayStationCam

Right. If other people are allowed a WebCam, then I should be allowed to use whatever my TV Card's doing at the time as my equivalent, which is currently a PlayStation. Since I don't have a camera or anything.

Note: This only updates every 10 mins, so please don't sit there with your finger on the reload button [as if you really care, anyways...]. This page should refresh automatically.

Note also: If I'm not playing, it simply doesn't update at all.

And since BT are a bunch of assholes, this'll only rarely update as internet access now costs me per-minute.

If the image is mangled, give it a minute or so, and reload. I'm uploading from a 56k, and somehow, jpegs don't like being six-of-one-and-half-a-dozen-of-the-other

The PlayStationCam
This image last updated at Sun Jun 16 15:30:01 GMT 2002

If you're curious as to how I did this, take a shufty at this sh script. On the server, what you're looking at is PHP with the line:

This image last updated at <?php include "./timetaken"?>

Gary (-;

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