This Season's MUST-HAVE Accessories

In the spirit of the haute couture that I so clearly represent, here you can see the radiant Elizabeth modelling the best in this season's indestructible jewelry.

Why waste precious and pretty metallic resources on airplane skins, paint or golf clubs when you can use it to create beautiful jewelry for beautiful people?

Here, Elizabeth shows off her matching titanium choker and bracelet:

Choker and Bracelet

In the next photo you can see an up-close photo of the model's wrist and her bracelet, clarifying the blue and green inlays:


Finally, for those with only the best taste in high culture and living the good life, don't forget to accessorise your beautiful pet with her own living quaters in amongst nothing but the very cleanest of clean laundry.

Gary (-;

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This page last modified: 2004-10-15