Some chainmaille stuff I'm working on

Someone I used to know takes an active role in the Kindom of Caid in the SCA

Some people in the SCA have what's called a "device":

A device, is a form of badge to individuals. The only ones allowed to
have a coat of arms are Knights, Traditionally speaking
The rest of us are SOL, so we have something called a Device.
Same as a coat of arms, but without the requirement of being a knight.
It's how we identify our stuff without putting our names on everything.
A household or fighting unit will have one as well. Makes it easier to
identify them in a melee or war situation

Here's her device:
Original Device

Give or take, it started off life as something between a Leopard Sejant and a Bastet:
Leopard Sejant Bastet

Here's my first attempt at a pattern from it:

Which I used to create this [my webcam completely sucks], Copper-with-Aluminium-Inlay:
Al-on-Cu 2 Al-on-Cu 1

and, Aluminium-with-Copper-Inlay:
Cu-on-Al 2 Cu-on-Al 1

After joining them and putting the top and side borders on [second one for scale there]:
After First Join Against my Arm, For Scale Against my Chest, For Scale

Against a blue bgrnd, 1 Against a blue bgrnd, 2 Against a white bgrnd

For the curious, the pattern is actually handed, and from the back looks thusly [note the join between the two halves, the ouline of the tail, and the tongue]:
Back of Pattern

I'm not entirely certain [I kinda lost track], but I think it took about 45-60 hours work [probably would have been MUCH less had I not been watching many many movies at the same time].

There are 3442 links in it, and I got 914 links out of the first 50 feet, which by my count comes to very slightly under two thirds of an inch per link. The wire was wrapped around a 4mm knitting needle to form it, so it's inside circumference will be a little over half an inch [0.496, but then there's some springyness associated, so it becomes a little bigger when you let it go].

According to google, all those numbers come to a figure of about 188 feet of metal in total.

It's all 18-gauge [American units] stuff [Aluminium and Copper]

Gary (-;

PS. Some other stuff I've done with chainmaille includes some toys

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