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Feel free to slip in any "Balls of Steel" joke anyplace you please. [Dave, that's not even funny.]

My first chainmaille balls. 5 of them is just above what you might consider a "reasonable" weight for juggling 5. These are now my standard balls for doing up to 5. They're chainmaille wrapped around my normal green&black thuds [the same ones as I was using with Hairy Rob]

They're basically a 4-in-one weave, but note that at the top & botton center I had to use two rings, since the tension just there is a little tight when I'm actually juggling seriously with it.

These guys take about an hour and a half to two hours to make, but that's because I tend to sit down with a DVD playing while making them, thus my attention wanders.

6 Balls

These are my second set of things I've made. They're small enough that I can easily hold 4 at once in one hand. Inside of them are 1" superballs [those ultra bouncy rubber balls]

They're basically a 6-in-one weave

These guys are about half an hour's work, each.

12 Balls

Gary (-;

PS More chainmaille stuff I made can be found here:

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